A New Home & Seafood Too

lobster_fishing_boatsMy name is Jian and I came to Canada in August of 2010 with my family. Saint John was our first stop and we did not know where to settle and where is our new home at that time. After one week stay in Saint John, we decided to settle here. There are lots of reasons for us to make this decision, including:


1) People in Saint John are very friendly, especially to newcomers.

2) There are not heavy traffic here and you have less chance to meet heavy traffic.

3) The climate here is better than any other cities in NB.

4) You can eat more fresh sea foods because it is seaside city.

Anyway, People are friendly is the most important reason for us to live here. After two days’ house hunting, we bought our house. Lots of friends cried that we had made a crazy decision but we never regret our decision. We are living a good life here and my daughter likes the schooling very much. Surely we try different sea foods very often.

This is my short story. Although it is not interesting, it is really true.

 - Jian in Saint John, NB