A Walk in the Park

MC40_Deer_lake_bc_1Looking to enjoy some of the unseasonably nice weather recently, a friend invited me to a place in town I had heard of but really knew nothing about – Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC. While walking around this little oasis, I heard many different languages, accents from both east and west. Saw families and individuals of all colours, shapes and sizes picnicking, playing and enjoying each other’s company.

Being surrounded by so many different ethnicities and seeing people using the public space for pastimes and activities from so many different cultures – the diversity I witnessed and enjoyed allowed me to forget what city and country I was in. And if only for an afternoon, I felt like I was one who was on a great adventure to a faraway land trying to soak up the cultures of those around me.

- Eric in Vancouver

-Napa:  photo