The web project was originally titled “Multiculturalism At 40: What’s Your Story?”

The Film:

“Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism” was created in partial fulfillment of an MA in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University. The subject area is one of the reasons I entered the Master’s program, and the research I was most interested in pursuing for my thesis. Inspired by Action Research, I invited people across the country to share their personal experiences through this website, built specifically for the project. The film captures a selection of these stories and weaves them together with additional conversations to create a reflexive narrative about “making multiuclturalism” that is both personal and participatory.

The website and film represent the integration of my professional practice in content creation with the knowledge and perspective gained through the program.
If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of the film please contact me at:

How to use the Translation:

Transposh is a free wordpress plug-in.  You can translate the content on the site into a language of your choice. On the front page, you click the symbol at the right of the page.  Everywhere else, you can click on the appropriate flag.  You can also write your story in a language other than English and that’s the way I’ll receive it.  I will post it on the site in English and the original language whenever possible. Computer translation certainly isn’t perfect so I will get in touch with you by email to make sure that the English translation is correct.

The Researcher:

I’m originally a filmmaker and journalist – essentially a storyteller. However, for many years now I’ve focused on projects that engage the public in collective creativity.  I’m interested in how these projects can help develop greater awareness and understanding in a manner that’s accessible and I hope – enjoyable. I have used different forms of media in the creation of earlier projects which have been local, national and international in scope.

This project:

I hope the collection of stories and photos on Making Multiculturalism, helps illuminate our shared experience through small slivers from the everyday lives of individuals. I’m very interested in getting a range of stories, from people who were born here and people who have arrived from elsewhere – stories that are interpersonal and hyperlocal. I also hope the site serves to get people thinking -and talking. In this way, the stories collected on this site help contribute to the body of literature, and the ongoing conversation about multiculturalism in Canada. It’s a conversation that includes everybody. If you have a question about the project you can reach me here

Submitting Your Story or Photo:

When you submit a story you will see a sample of the terms and conditions that allow me to use the material for specific purposes, and a link where you can read the terms in full. You can also link from here.

Royal Roads University:

RRU offers a two-year MA program in Intercultural and International Communication. Students may opt for a course-only program of study, or courses combined with a thesis.  If you’re on this website then you know which path I’m on!   You can find out more about the program on the RRU website. 

Research Guidelines:

This thesis project has been reviewed and approved by RRU’s Ethics Research Board. Royal Roads University has an Ethics Review Procedure for all thesis proposals. You can read more about the Ethics Review here.