Back of the Queue & Bottoms Up

MC40_beerI am from a culture where queuing at a bar is simply not something you do. You get in front of those taps and shimmy, duck, dive and roll your way through bodies until the person serving behind the bar sees your outstretched arm and serves you.

Keeping this in mind, my first visit to a bar in Vancouver was an experience. After politely declining service from the server who came to our table I made my way to the bar. Once there I called for a bartender’s attention. He gestured to my right, I looked behind to see about 10 disapproving looks being directed at me. I responded saying that I wasn’t looking for food as surely this civilized queue of people couldn’t be looking for alcohol!

I was very quickly told to get to the back of the queue. So with my tail between my legs I made my way to the back of the queue. Since then, I gladly accept a servers offer to get a drink from the bar and on the rare occasion I venture to the bar I’m sure to look left and right before approaching!

- Aidan in Vancouver