Freedoms & Friendships

MC40_PatternSquare07aI am from Bangladesh. I born in a small city called Pabna. We are 4 people in our home (Mom, Dad, my brother and me). Being born in a Muslim family, I grew up with lots of restrictions. I never traveled anywhere without my parents. In my second year of University, I told my dad I want to go to abroad to continue my study. At first I thought he would never allow me to come all by myself. Finally he said, if you get the visa then he would let me go. This is how I end up coming to Canada.

I was really excited as I was going to experience snow for the first time in my life. Very first day of the school, it was storming. I probably fall couple of time on the way to school in that day. The cold was unbearable for me. Still I found it was fun to cope up with the weather. The most beautiful thing I enjoyed after coming here was the environment of the school. Everybody is so welcoming and helpful. I was involved with different cultural club in the school. That gave me the opportunity to meet lots of friends from different part of the world. I am so blessed to have my two best friends whom I met at the University of New Brunswick Saint John. One is from Canada another one is from UAE.

After I completed my graduation, I was involved with the Saint John Multicultural and Newcomers Resource Center. Here again I meet lot of people from different region through different activities. So after I have moved to Saint John, I had the opportunity to learn about different culture, food and I am enjoying it every bit of it.

 - Nazma in Saint John, NB