Not on Holiday, Home Actually

MC40_TTC streetcarA few years ago a journalist friend of mine from Kenya, in Toronto for a meeting, remarked that he had never realized that the city attracted quite so many holidaymakers. Those of us from Toronto also attending the meeting were a bit puzzled, as we were edging into winter – not exactly the height of tourism season. Mitch then explained (a bit tongue in cheek) that he had come to this conclusion watching people while using public transport, finding them relaxed and friendly, and being amazed at how many different languages he could hear. Surely they had to be on holiday he surmised, as they seemed to come from all over the world, and the general “vibe” was so good.

It was such a delightful take on our multicultural city (and by extension, I believe our country) that I have never forgotten this. I hope this is how other visitors feel when they spend time in Canada, as it speaks to something special about our country – a place where we celebrate our different heritages, but also the many things we have in common and hold dear, understanding just how high the stakes are.

And for at least one person from away, observing us for a week, it seemed as though we were all on holiday; for us, we were home.

- Carmen in Toronto