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January 24/2013

It is about a week before I plan to launch this site.  I’ve been working away on the copy and researching  software that would automatically translate into different languages.  I found one – transposh – and decided to install. After doing so, I very tentatively clicked on a language. Presto! I was momentarily speechless – in any language! It felt like a small miracle to see the entire site instantaneously translated into Danish, and then Chinese, and then Hindi….and on and on.  I know that automated translation isn’t perfect –  I can wince just thinking about potential errors.  But recalling times when I have felt helpless to communicate because of language differences – this felt like one enormous leap forward. It means people can read the content on this site in one of more than forty languages – and they can write posts in different languages too, and I’ll be able to translate into English. Just as long as we can all forgive the anticipated hiccups!  And if you’re interested check out transposh. As I finish writing this I see a little orange bar reporting the rapid translation of this post into all the different languages. Magical.

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