Starting from Scratch

images-2Hi everyone,

My name is Sophie and I am from France. I arrived in Canada last october, 2012 in Saint John. I remember when I arrived, everyone used to ask these questions:

“Oh, you are not Canadian? (because of my obviously french accent), You are french, from Moncton, Quebec city? From France? Really?! Why Saint John?”

It seems impossible that a french girl pick Saint John as her first destination in Canada. Well I used to answer: “I just add my master in France and it was a perfect time for me to have my first experience in a foreign country, outside my comfort zone, in a different language but in country in which I can still feel like home.” It was really funny how people was amazed that I was a “real french”!

In fact Canada was for me, before I arrived, a foreign country but really similar to France . And well it’s completely different!!

First you think the french language is the same, but not at all…You think you will find the same kind of food, but not at all, and finally you think we share the same “culture” but again it’s really completely different!

This country is really big, the size of the car, the road, the trees, the house, even  the food and packaging!

As a french person I will take the example of food.

If you go to a restaurant, the portion is really big. But it’s ok if you don’t have to finish your dish you can take a doggy bag! You will never saw this in France. Poor Canadian people who are coming to France, the country of good food, and will leave the table still starving!

Again, in a supermarket, the proportion of the aisle are not the same. The aisles of vegetables are really minor, but the chips, pizza, coca cola, frozen food, sugar, junk food are twice bigger than France. I remember I was looking for chocolate tab to make my own cake. I asked a person from the shop and he showed my the “ready preparation cake”, I said no I want to really bake my cake, he told me really? But with that everything is ready? He was not able to find me what I was looking for. The culture of food is really different!

But after a better understanding of the living style, the weather, enjoying also the good part of food like lobster, Canada is a great country in which you can start a new life. Anything that you want to be, you can try in Canada, and that’s why I fall in love with this country.

Welcome to Canada!

- Sophie in Saint John, NB